God is very pleased when you obey the people who take care of you, whether it’s a mom, dad, grandparent, or someone else who looks after you. 
Exodus (20:12) tells us to honor our father and mother, so we know it pleases God when we listen to and respect our parents. When they ask us to do something (like chores around the house for example), we should think about the chores that THEY do for US. Maybe your dad prepares meals or fixes broken things for you; maybe your mom keeps your clothes clean or helps you with your homework. Everybody needs to work hard and do their best to keep a household running smoothly. Cleaning your room, doing your homework or helping with yard work are ways to do your part.
In Acts, (4:32-37) we read about the early Christians who worked together like a family. Everyone shared what they had and took care of each other. You can be sure there was a lot of listening and respect. This is how it should be when you honor your father and mother, especially since they have more wisdom and experience then you do.
In fact, Proverbs (1:8, 9) tells us “My child, obey the teachings of your parents, and wear their teachings as you would a pretty hat or a lovely necklace.” (Contemporary English Translation) In other words, the lessons that God and our parents teach us are valuable, and we should treasure them all our lives.
So, why should we obey our parents? Because God told us to honor our father and mother, so we know that listening, respecting, and obeying pleases Him very much. If we are happy to obey our Father in heaven, then we should also be happy to listen to and obey our earthly parents. God loves you and knows what’s best for you, just like the people who take care of you every day!

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