The matter of exterminating dogs and cats is being agitated in some of the large cities as it is claimed that these animals transmit disease germs and more or less endanger the lives of the people in various other ways. Mr. A's dog may be highly thought of in the family circle and yet be a nuisance to Mr. B. And Mr. B's cat may be inclined to make night hideous for Mr. A. We cannot imagine a bull pup or a rat terrier trotting up and down the golden streets of the New Jerusalem; or some antiquated tom cat crawling around the glittering spires of the Holy City. Indeed, the Bible–after describing the City and mentioning those who will be privileged to enter it–says that "without are dogs." (`Rev. 22:15`) And St Peter tells of "the natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed." (`2 Peter 2:12`) There is nothing in the Bible indicating the resurrection of animals.