This expression is a portion of our Lord's great prophecy relating to events and conditions that would develop in the last days of the Christian dispensation. As with all prophetic expressions it is in highly figurative language. The clue to the understanding of this prophecy is found elsewhere in the Scriptures. A woman is used as symbolical representation of the church. Thus the true Church of Christ is referred to as the "chaste virgin" and also in another picture as the "Bride the Lamb's wife" (`2 Cor. 11:2`; `Rev. 21:9`). The false churches are represented as corrupt and debauched women (`Rev. 17:1-5`), compare these five verses with `Rev. 21:9-11`. The "mother church" is represented as a lewd woman, and also as the great mystical city of Babylon. Her daughters, the ecclesiastical systems that are the offspring of the parent system, are likewise represented as being babes both embryonic and new-born. They have need of the milk of the Word as the Apostle says (`Heb. 5:12-14`) they are not sufficiently developed in knowledge and grace to assimilate the strong and important doctrines. It will be a special time of sorrow for the false religious systems in that day, "those who are with child," and also to those who are dispensing the milk–in other words "giving suck."