Some drugs are hallucinogenic. They disrupt the brain's normal, healthy operations and make people see, hear, and smell hallucinations. This is very dangerous. Some people have experienced psychotic breaks due to taking those drugs. Also, since this drugs misrepresent reality, they are distorting God’s world. God created reality. The physical world as interpreted by our five senses is truth. And God is truth

Would we consider taking hallucinogenic drugs a form of Satan worship? Not necessarily. If a person wants to worship Satan by taking drugs, then those drugs are certainly used for Satanic worship. Since the drugs misrepresent reality, and no person can control the hallucinations, Satan can enter into that user’s mind to present lies as truths. Perhaps Satan could persuade the user to behavior unwisely based on the visionary lies. These drugs are scary.

Drugs like methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, marijuana can also be dangerous because they disrupt the brain’s chemistry. Even though a person may not necessarily become hallucinogenic, people will enter states of high energy, or stupor, or feelings of great strength, or a variety of feelings (depending on the drug) which also skew reality. Again, the distortion of reality is dangerous because it is not based on fact.

With continued use, there is the risk of addiction. Addictions are physical and emotional. Addicts prefer their distorted feelings and cannot manage reality (with all of its problems) without their drugs. Additionally, addicts become very self-centered, hurt themselves and others in their lives, neglect their responsibilities, and only focus on getting more of their drugs of choice. Satan can certainly use an addict to inflict damage and pain on others.

Avoid recreational drugs. They are Satan’s playground. Prescription drugs under the management of doctors to help patients, however, would be acceptable.