Do our dead Ancestors have power to influence and hurt us? I'm being called to become a Sangoma (shaman), but I don't want to because I love Jesus. I'm afraid to stop cultural practices for them. When I was growing up, these ancestors caused strange sicknesses until people obeyed their wills. (South Africa)

Many today believe that the dead are not dead, but are really more alive than ever. They do not realize that they are believing the original lie taught by the Serpent, “that you will not die, but you will be like God”  Genesis 3:4-5. Satan uses scriptural parables and dark sayings, taken out of context, [...]

Why should Christians stay away from yoga and Eastern religions? (United States)

Yoga exercises stretch and strengthen muscles, increase balance, and may reduce stress. As an exercise, it can be beneficial. However, if a class includes Eastern meditations, those meditations may have a non-Christian, religious dimension. Some meditations simply focus on body awareness. People breathe quietly, and relax muscle groups. The person stops thinking about past and [...]

Is taking drugs a form of Satanic worship?

Some drugs are hallucinogenic. They disrupt the brain's normal, healthy operations and make people see, hear, and smell hallucinations. This is very dangerous. Some people have experienced psychotic breaks due to taking those drugs. Also, since this drugs misrepresent reality, they are distorting God’s world. God created reality. The physical world as interpreted by our [...]

In the Bible, who speaks after they die?

There are a few instances in the Bible where those who have died are depicted as talking with others. Some will tell you these were actually people who came back to talk with people on earth. Others will tell you these are visions. What do the Scriptures say? First is 1 Samuel 28:7-25. King Saul [...]

Someone wants to rid my home from any evil spirits by saying prayers and burning sage. Is this Biblical?

Yes and No.  Praying is always appropriate when you feel evil approaching; however, burning sage to ward off evil spirits is not Biblical. Throughout history, people have created many rituals to banish evil spirits.Yet, none of these rituals were designed nor blessed by God. No scripture even mentions the sage plant! The Bible does give an answer [...]

I am having trouble in the middle of the nigh. I wake up and I cannot move. This been happening since I was 7 years old. I know it is caused by demons. What should I do?

I knew a man, who was first coming to the Lord back in 1973, who had similar experiences. He would wake up and feel as though an evil spirit was at the window looking in, and he could not move. One night, he asked Jesus to help him, and suddenly he felt that the evil [...]

When a person is possessed by Satan or by demons is the body of that person really taken over or is it only the evil influence from Satan or the demons that is especially high?

In ancient times people believed that evil spirits (demons) were responsible for many physical and most all mental disorders such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, split personalities, delirium and the like. Although today we are cognizant of the many inherited or acquired mental illnesses that are in no way related to demonic possession, we, nonetheless, [...]

Are we allowed as Christian to buy sage from a Wiccan store in order to bless a house?

First, we must say that a Christian really should not be frequenting a Wiccan store.  Wicca is a pagan religion. Pagan religions worship or hold sacred the created, such as nature, the universe, and the elements, etc., rather than the Creator. Wiccans are also polytheistic, believing in multiple gods and goddesses taken from various cultures [...]

Do Spiritualist Mediums really communicate with the spirits of the dead?

Spiritualism is a rapidly growing movement, numbering several millions of people, among which are some of the brightest minds of the day. There is no question as to many of the facts clearly established in the rites and ceremonies of Spiritism. Many of the phenomena produced, with the aid of spirit mediums, have been pronounced [...]