In some respects the world was never better than it is today. We know of no time in history when the public press so fearlessly and boldly exposed wrong doing as now. Education has helped to bring about better moral conditions. Of course a great deal of this morality is on the surface, as it was in the closing days of the Jewish Age, when Jesus told the chief religionists that they were whited walls, outwardly beautiful, but inwardly corrupt. The Apostle, in the Scripture to which you refer, evidently had in mind the deceivers and leaders astray in the Church. These, in the end of the Age, will become more bold; as foretold, their deceptions will become strong delusions, following which many will believe a lie (`2 Thes 2:11`). "They shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils" (`1 Tim. 4:1`). Many theological teachers today are denying the Bible and advancing strong arguments in favor of Higher Criticism, Evolution, etc., thus growing worse and worse in repudiating the "faith once delivered to the saints" (`Jude 3,4`), "deceiving and being themselves deceived."