There is a simplicity and gentleness about a little child which all good people appreciate. The Master was not so overwhelmed with His great work as to be unable to realize the desire of the Jewish mothers to have Him give their little ones a blessing. Therefore, when the disciples would spare Him the annoyance, He rebuked them and, calling for the little ones, He blessed them. The statement, "For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven," must not, however, be understood to imply that the Lord is electing or selecting such little children for His joint-heirs in the Kingdom; we must interpret Scripture by Scripture. We must remember His words that only "overcomers" can share with Him in the Kingdom (`Rev. 2:7,11,17,26`; `Rev 3:5,12,21`); and again, we are to remember His declaration that those who would be His disciples must take up their cross and follow Him. Such things could not be true of infants. Heart purity and simplicity are necessary for the Kingdom, but more than these are required. The text of the question should be understood in harmony with our Master's words, "Except ye . . . become as little children ye shall not enter the Kingdom of heaven" (`Mat. 18:3`). The emphasis lies upon the word "as" in the sense of like. Only the child-like and trustful disciples can experience God's highest favor–a share in His Kingdom.