This Scripture is in conformity with the united testimony of the teachings of all the Prophets and the Apostles to the effect that the world's judgment day, or trial time, is not in this present Christian Era, but is yet future–"God hath appointed a day (a thousand year day–`2 Pet. 3:8`) in the which He will judge the world in righteousness." (`Acts 17:31`.) Those who, in association with Christ, shall judge the world in mercy, justice and love, are now being qualified for that high office, by having developed in them saintly, Christlike characters. These "saints," who have learned to love their neighbors as themselves, and who even love their enemies, are the ones who, in the future age, will offer every inducement to the world of mankind to come into harmony with the gracious requirements of the Divine Law of love and justice and receive eternal life. The fact that the followers of Christ are not judging now proves conclusively that the world is not on trial for eternal life at the present time. The judgment day, in place of being a time of terror, distress and sorrow, is represented in the Scriptures as being a special time of joy and gladness for the world.–`Psa. 96.`