“In the beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). The period before the "beginning" of Genesis 1:1 is unmeasurable. Time as we know it did not exist. However, God was active. He carried out his only direct creation — bringing into existence his only-begotten Son–the "Word"–elsewhere called “Wisdom” (John 1:1; Proverbs 8:12-31).​

“In the beginning

[of our physical universe], God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1; Job 38:7) In collaboration with this “master-builder”, his only begotten Son, God’s plans for creation were framed. The creative work began with the basics: time, space, energy, and matter. The “Big Bang” is how physicists speak of the great singular event that created time and space. So carefully tuned are the constants of natural physics that even small deviations in their values would fill the cosmos with space, time, energy, and matter with such different properties that life as we know it would not exist. ​

The probability that the universe would turn out this way by chance is infinitesimal. Geoff Brumfiel in the international science journal, Nature, wrote, “It is like throwing darts at random and hitting the bull’s eye which is just one part in 10 with 120 zeroes following.”        ​

Following the “Big Bang,” matter coalesced into short-lived stars that hold an important role as the workshops that formed most of the elements. Around five billion years ago the ashes created in the super-novae deaths of these early stars hurled across space.  Under the influence of gravity, they again clumped together forming our own sun and earth. The proto-earth, composed largely of asteroid-type material rich in water, slowly cooled. ​

Then a critically-important event took place to make earth habitable. A planetoid the size of Mars crashed into the earth. Our moon was formed from the material that splashed off.  Moon rocks, undisturbed until scooped up by the Apollo astronauts, testify to this cataclysm. In December 2013, Professor Sarah Stewart of Harvard wrote that forming the moon, “required sequence of events is vanishingly small.”  In other words, wherever science looks, once again God’s skillful hand is visible!

An ocean was needed for the cooling of the earth.  Distinguished geophysicist Professor Walker of Yale writes: “We conclude that nearly all the atmosphere (and the ocean) has been released from the solid earth.” This is consistent with the words of Job: “Who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth as if it had issued out of the womb” (Job 38:8-11)? Without inspiration, how did this marvelous detail of geophysics get transmitted to us? With the presence of a sea, the earth “without form and void” was now ready for creation.​

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