According to the Scriptures, it is a creature, or personality, inhabiting the spiritual plane of existence, a higher plane than that of the human or earthly creatures. Just as the Divine nature, the nature of God, is the highest order of the spiritual realm, so man is of the highest order of the animal or earthly existence. Angels are spirit beings (`Psa. 104:4`) and we read that man was created "a little lower than the angels." (`Psa. 8:5`.) A change of nature is promised to all of those who will be of the Church of Christ; those who "make their calling and election sure" and who eventually will be associated with their Lord and Savior in the glories of the Kingdom as His "joint-heirs." This "change" of nature is wonderfully described by the Apostle in the fifteenth chapter of `1 Cor. 15:42-52`. Those who will experience this transformation of nature are said to be "born of the spirit" and this will take place in the resurrection. These then will be powerful, and invisible to mortal eye, just as the angels are all around and Jehovah's messengers in past ages, yet unseen. Jesus described this matter of the "wind" to picture the condition of those who shall be born of the spirit in the resurrection morning, `John 3:6-8`.