What does it mean to be “slain in the spirit”?

“Slain in the Spirit” or “slaying in the Spirit” are not scriptural expressions. Some charismatic Christians use these phrases to describe an individual in religious ecstasy who falls to the floor when he is overcome by the power of the holy spirit. Religious ecstasy [...]

The Holy Spirit. Is it for every body?

The Holy Spirit is not a person. God's Holy Spirit is the power of God working blessings in many different ways. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for spirit is "ruach" and it means wind or breath. Just as the wind is invisible [...]

How can I receive the Holy Spirit?

Some people think that the Holy Spirit is a person, but let’s look at how the word “spirit” is used in the Bible. In the Old Testament, “spirit” is the Hebrew word ruach which is literally translated as “wind or breath” such as in [...]

What is the spirit of truth?

God’s holy Spirit is the holy power and influence of God. In the New Testament, the holy Spirit is referred to by many names and each name explains a different aspect of this mighty power. For example: the Spirit of truth (John 16:13), the [...]

What is the impact of the holy spirit on Christians?

On the last night of His earthly life, our Lord Jesus promised His disciples a Helper, Counselor, or Comforter, “even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:  and ye also shall bear witness…”  John 15:26, 27 (KJV).  [...]

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