The Spirit clearly refers to Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom. His Bride is to be the Church glorified. (See `Rev. 21:9`; `Rev.19:7-9`.) The marriage, or union, referred to in the last Scripture, takes place at the second coming of Christ (`John 14:3`). The reign of Christ (Bride and Bridegroom) follows, and then the message will go forth to the world, inviting all to come and obey Christ and receive eternal life; and the obedient shall live. And the obedient will be privileged to repeat the invitation to others, that "whosoever will may come and take of the water of life freely." The Church of Christ in its present condition of development is referred to by the Apostle as "the chaste virgin, espoused to one Husband" (`2 Cor. 11:2`). She will not become the Bride of Christ until at the time of the Bridegroom's presence, when the marriage of the Lamb shall take place and the marriage supper shall follow (`Rev. 19:9`). Evidently, from the fore-going, it is manifest that the expression "whosoever will does," not apply to all at this time, and will not be true until the wedding is consummated.