According to the Scriptures the term "world" signifies age or dispensation. Three great worlds are outlined in the Divine Plan of the Ages, as revealed in the Bible. (See `2 Pet. 3:5-13`.) The first "world" or dispensation passed away at the time of the Flood. The second "world," or "present evil world," is likewise to pass away, in a fiery time of trouble–not a literal "fire," but a destructive season of lawlessness that will destroy the "elements"–labor, capitalistic, etc., etc., that go to make up the present social order. "The world to come wherein dwelleth righteousness" will never come to end, but is to continue throughout eternity. The world that now is" (`Titus 2:12`) is already being violently shaken, and is beginning to crumble away financially, politically, socially, and ecclesiastically. The evidences about us, in the fulfillment of the Scripture prophecies, are clear and strong that within the next decade, the new and better order ("the world to come") will be established in the earth.