The so-called "orthodox hell," of a vast furnace of fire and brimstone, manned by fire-proof devils with pitch forks in their hands, who are busily engaged in jabbing and tormenting the billions of poor unfortunates–all of the human race, with the exception of the few saints, who with much difficulty manage to squeeze through the pearly gates into the heavenly city–exists only in the feeble minds and perverted imaginations of those who have given heed to the "doctrines of demons" (`1 Tim. 4:1`) and who have never thoughtfully studied the Scriptures. This "hell" was created in the Dark Ages of the past by corrupt and ignorant priests influenced by evil spirits who misrepresented and blasphemed the character of the Almighty God, who is wise and just, loving and merciful, as the Scriptures everywhere affirm. In the increasing light of our day, when the people are brushing the smoke and dust of the Ages of gloom from their eyes, it is clearly seen that "hell," in the Scriptures, is nothing more than the condition of death–the tomb. The Hebrew word <sheol> and the Greek <hades> from which the word hell is used in the English translations, have this significance. All go to hell–the grave–the death state, and will remain there until the resurrection. Adam created, or brought this "hell," or condition of death, upon the race by his disobedience. See `Rom. 5:12`.