Satan has not allowed us to preach the Word of God. In other words, we do not have to obtain Satans permission to preach. God has put a hedge around all His children and it is God who allows or gives out permission to preach the Truth.

Because Satan cannot stop the Word of God from being preached, he does the next best thing. He tries to join it. That way he can misdirect the Truth. If we look at the various doctrines out there among Christendom, first we find confusion. Some church doctrines make God as bad or worse than Satan.

There are so many denominations and so many doctrines. Without the holy Spirit it is almost impossible to wade through all the error and find the Truth. No one group has the corner on Truth, but as we become more familiar with Gods Word we are able to discern or try the spirits (doctrines) and gain a clearer understanding of the Truth of Gods Word.

We also find different denominations fighting with others. Even denying that the others are Christians.

There were never meant to be denominations – that is a working of Satan to cause divisions among the followers of the Lord. Divide and conquer.