The answering of this question involves the consideration of the doctrines of "Election" and "Free Grace," both clearly taught in the scriptures, as all Bible Scholars recognize. It is only within recent years that the beautiful harmony existing between these two doctrines has been recognized. From many Scriptures, of which we will only cite a few, it will be seen that the entire Christian Era, from the time of our Lord Jesus' first advent down to the time of His second coming, is the period in which the "Election" takes place, the election or selection of those who shall constitute the Bride, the Church of Christ. (See `1 Pet. 1:2`; `Eph. 1:4`; `2 Pet. 1:10`; `Acts 15:14-18`.) When, at the close of this Christian Age, the work of election is consummated, then God's free grace will be extended to all the remainder of mankind, through the selected class, who were elected to be kings and priests unto God and with their Lord Jesus to reign for the space of a thousand years over the nations of the earth for the purpose of lifting them up out of sin and death to human perfection and eternal life. Now is the Church's opportunity to make her calling and election sure; then will be the world's opportunity of receiving God's free grace. Election now and Free Grace then. See `Acts 15:14-18`; `Rev. 22:17`; `Acts 3:19-21`.