The Law given to the Israelites by the Lord, through Moses as the Mediator for that nation, was designed to emphasize and impress the lesson of the Divine principle of JUSTICE on the minds of the people. All through that wonderful system of laws this principle is boldly prominent. Justice is inexorable, demanding an exact equivalent for the thing that is lost or injured by a violation of the principles of righteousness. The scales must balance perfectly. Just as the laws of the material or natural realm are fixed and absolute –and any violation of these laws of nature must exact the penalty–so also in the moral realm. As surely as cause and effect are related, so any violation of the principles of righteousness demands a recompense and the penalty is exacted. There is no escape. Let no one deceive himself on this point. If one wilfully injures another, he has to the same extent injured himself. The law of action and reaction operates in the moral realm just as positively as in the arrangements of the material universe. He is happiest who observes the principles of righteousness most fully, and he is unhappiest who violates them most. It follows, therefore, that love is the fulfilling of the Law. Love for the Lord would prompt one to be obedient to His just commands, and love for the neighbor would induce one to do good unto all men as the opportunities were presented. This great truth was beautifully set forth by the Master and His Apostles. See `Matt. 22:37-40`, and `Rom. 13:10`. And yet how few are observing this rule! Consequently, how much unhappiness there is in the world!