Why should we honor our fathers?

When we think about fathers, we first consider God, our Heavenly Father. He has provided a place for us to live - our beautiful earth. He is the Creator of all things and without Him, humankind wouldn’t exist. Therefore, we are thankful to [...]

Why Didn`t God Stop Satan From Tempting Eve?

God allowed Satan to do what he did because He wanted humans and spirit beings to have the freedom to choose their behavior, also known as “free will.” He didn’t want to create robots that had no choice except to obey Him. God [...]

How can we make good decisions?

Good decision-making is a process. It takes thought, humility, and biblical principles so we can do things to honor and please God. Before a decision is made, faithful Christians first look for God’s leadings through careful study of the Scriptures and watching and [...]

Why should we honor our mothers?

Most moms give a lot to their families, especially their children. When we are younger, we tend to be a bit selfish, not considering that our moms have feelings, too!  You only get one mom in your life, so that makes her pretty [...]

What is the Gospel?

Sometimes the word “gospel” is used to describe the first four books of the New Testament in the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In a deeper sense, the word “gospel” describes what Jesus called the “good news” in Luke: (4:43, Contemporary [...]

Why did Judas betray Jesus?

Threatened by Jesus’ teachings, the Jewish leadership plotted to kill him. Judas accepted 30 pieces of silver to reveal Jesus’ location in the Garden of Gethsemane so they could arrest him. Judas’ reasons aren’t stated, and we can’t enter his mind. However, we [...]

How do Christians receive the Holy Spirit?

The holy spirit is God’s invisible power and influence. God alone decides who receives this precious gift.             There are various steps involved for a Christian to receive the holy spirit. James (4:8 English Standard Version) says, "Draw [...]

What are the “little foxes that spoil the vine”?

This phrase comes from the book of Song of Solomon, (2:15?, NKJV) “Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” The Bible often uses picture language to help us understand deeper lessons. Foxes appear [...]

How can I memorize scriptures?

Being able to call Scriptures to mind is a powerful skill. Verses can bring us or others comfort during difficult times, or give us good advice when faced with a decision or problem. Knowing where to find Scriptures quickly also helps us in [...]

What is the armor of God?

Soldiers wear protective clothing to keep them safe. In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul compares a Christian to a soldier: in our imagination, we symbolically wear special items that protect us from bad influences and keep us on a path to [...]

Why is prayer important?

Because prayer is the only way we can talk to God - to express thankfulness as well as ask for His guidance and forgiveness for wrongdoing. Prayer also helps us feel closer to Him. But with this important privilege comes responsibility. When you [...]

Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?

The Bible tells us that Mary was Jesus' mother, and God was his father, (not Joseph). The books of Matthew (13:55, 56)  and Psalms (69:9) indicate that Mary and Joseph had four sons and several daughters after Jesus was born. Because they all [...]

Why did Jesus come to earth?

The short answer is: to give his life for the world. But what exactly does this mean? Here’s a little story to help us understand: There once was a nobleman who had disobeyed his king. His home was taken away, and he was [...]

Why did God choose Mary to be the mother of Jesus?

The privilege of giving birth to the Savior of the world couldn’t be given to just anyone. Only a woman with outstanding faith, an extraordinary character, and pure heart would be appropriate for such an honor.   We find information about Mary’s beautiful [...]

Will sin and death ever end?

Yes! Romans 6:6 teaches us that sin is going to be destroyed, AND we are promised in 1 Corinthians (15:26 NIV) that “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” When we pass a building under construction, do we criticize the builder? Do [...]

Where did Jesus live and work?

To help us feel closer to Jesus and his life, it’s important to be familiar with his surroundings. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. He and his parents fled to Egypt for a time to escape King Herod’s wicked decree that all baby [...]

What does it mean to covet?

The word “covet” is used in the 10th commandment of the Law that God gave to Moses: it says we should not covet various things that belong to our neighbor.    To covet means to want something very strongly that someone else has. [...]

What happened on the road to Damascus?

Something so incredible that it changed the course of the Apostle Paul’s life, shaping the history of Christianity. By this time, the crucified and risen Jesus had appeared to several disciples.  Saul, later called Paul, was a Pharisee - a Jewish leader, religious [...]

What is wisdom?

James 3:17 (NLT translation) “But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is [...]

What made David and Jonathan`s friendship so strong?

The Bible tells us about the unbreakable bond between David and Jonathan. We can apply these lessons to our own friendships today! Friends usually share common interests, and for David and Jonathan, that was serving the Lord. When friends make God the number [...]

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