I keep having dreams that come true at times. Its like i have already lived it. I can wake up and tell the whole dream like who was in it, what they had on and what they said. Is that a gift from god and does the bible speaks of such dreams?

Certainly God has used dreams in the past to give a message of prophecy to those who needed it. So, let’s examine some of the most notable. Starting with Joseph the son of Jacob; Joseph started receiving dreams when he was pretty young. His [...]

Which scriptures pertain to intoxicating wine versus non-intoxicating wine (sweet wine or grape juice)? What is the difference between old and new wine? In Regard to the miracle that Jesus performed in Cana, what is the difference between the “best” wine that was served at the end and the inferior wine that was served earlier?

The difference between old and new wine is based on fermentation. Old wine is fermented and has an alcoholic content. The new wine mentioned in the Bible is usually grape juice and has no alcoholic content. The word “wine” is mentioned 231 times in [...]

What are we to think of the amazing occurrences, accounts of which are appearing in the daily press and in the monthly publications, to the effect that messages have been received from the noted English publicist, Wm. T. Stead, who was drowned when the Titanic sank mid-ocean; and that he has appeared and conversed with several well-known people on different occasions? Does this not prove that the dead are not dead but more alive than ever?

It is true that many remarkable manifestations of an unseen, supernatural power have been reported through the daily press of late. There is no doubt as to the authenticity of these demonstrations. They are vouched for by the very best of human testimony. As [...]

If the dead are asleep in the graves awaiting the time of the resurrection at the second coming of our Lord, when all who are in their graves shall be awakened and shall come forth, as the Scriptures affirm; how shall we understand the experiences of some who, at the time of their departure from this life, see heavenly visions of angels, and hear strains of celestial music?

As it is emphatically set forth throughout the entire Scriptures that the dead are "asleep" "in their graves" and that "the dead know not anything," "for there is neither wisdom, nor device, nor knowledge in the grave whither thou goest"; and that all will [...]